Saturday, January 9, 2016

Back at it again!

Sometimes it is hard to to believe we just had Christmas break.  We have had three days of school already and it seems like we are in the rhythm of school.  I am glad we had a couple of weeks to slow down and get some rest.
During break, Flat Stanley came to visit over Christmas break.  Here are some pictures of what Flat Stanley did.
Making croquettes
Hana and Flat Stanley
Going for a walk
At the Yanase-Gawa on the border of Saitama and Tokyo prefectures.

Staying at the VanderHaak's
Playing card games on New Year's Eve.
Traveling to church on the train

Tokyo Union Church
At the Meiji Shrine  
There were businesses, houses and schools with a number of light shows.  Tokyo area has special light shows, but these were just around the neighbourhood.

Anman Pan
Some of the lights were natural.
I also was able to go to see Star Wars The Force Awakens in 4D!
Flat Stanley with the 4D glasses
I know Flat Stanley lost an eye.  You know what they say, "It's all fun and games until someone loses an eye."  We had to do perform eye transplant surgery.  
Evidence that I went. 
Every day, Hana and I would go on at least one walk.  Sometimes we met friends at Starbucks, sometimes we walked to the Yanase-Gawa or just around the neighbourhood.
Good morning, sunshine!
Mt. Fuji
Another good morning!
Sitting at Starbucks
Hana loves to sniff on our walks.  Sometimes she gets her nose so deep into a sniff, it's like she's in another world!
I certainly cannot complain about the break I had.  I am very grateful for the time I was able to spend resting and enjoying God's creation in this part of the world.
Now it's time to get back into the rhythm of school weeks and weekends.

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  1. Lucky Flat Stan! Love your photos! Thanks for sharing them.