Saturday, August 29, 2015

Touring Japan

Two days after arriving in Tokyo, friends, Doug and Diane, came to visit Japan.  We took the first day to look at the school and just wander around Higashi Kurume.  That evening we went to watch the Seibu Lions vs Fukuoka Softbank Hawks baseball game.

It is always a special experience to attend a baseball game in Japan.  
I put the pictures taken that week into one movie.  Some of the places we stopped at were, Kawagoe, Tsurugajo Castle, a mountain village, the Fox Village, the fish market in Shiogama, and Sendai Daikannon. 

It was a pretty fun week, seeing a lot of different things here in Japan.  It was good to have them visit.  We already have our first week of school completed.  Hard to believe that time just flies by!

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