Saturday, March 28, 2015

A few pictures...

Camera isn't quite as good on the close ups.  It's starting to break out of the bud.
So, yesterday I decided to go and take Hana for a walk.  She's usually up for a walk.  I took my camera along to take any pictures of things as I went along.  Spring is starting to show up in various stages. 
Lots of buds still closed
See the egret? 
A little closer.
Blossoms!  There were still some buds on this tree.
Planted in a garden.
The sun was out, and as you can tell from the following pictures, there weren't too many blossoms out on these trees yet, but lots of buds in various stages. 

 There were a number of groups at the river, some families and some children just playing in the water.  There were a couple of fishermen too. 
He was busy reeling in a fish! 
Some were jumping into the water and some were just sitting on the edge.
There is a small festival by the river each year at about this time.  They were busy setting up their booths. 
After walking Hana, I went to Rogers.  It can carry some interesting items.  I found one item that made me think of WCA's History night cabin in the grade 5 classroom.  I was always looking for something that would resemble a fireplace.  Here I found something that could work!  Only part that doesn't work so well, is the whole distillery thing on top, but I think it could be removed.  :) 
That is a picture of a distillery, but I liked the way they made the flames look real. 
This week has been spring break.  Each morning, or so it seems, there is some group of young students that pass by my apartment.  I believe this is a yochien (kindergarten) group of students.  They are required to wear the same coloured caps.  They sometimes use a cart where students can stand as go on a field trip! 
They all had yellow caps.
There was a group of students walking, all holding hands before this cart, but I missed getting a picture of them.  It's quite cute to watch. 
Tomorrow is Palm Sunday.  I am privileged to be the lector reader for the 8:30 am service.  The passage I'll be reading is Psalm 118: 1 - 2, 19 - 29.  We are moving into the Passion Week, the week we remember Christ moving to his death on the cross, burial and Christ victory over death when he rose from the grave!

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