Friday, July 18, 2014


It has been a great time so far in North America.  I enjoyed visiting my family in Saskatchewan!  It is always a time of slowing down when I visit there, especially if we go up to Jan Lake!  Fishing is very relaxing.  I caught a total of 5 fish, 4 jacks and 1 walleye.  We kept the walleye and Myrna did cook up for supper that night.  We had some rain while at the cabin.  That wasn't always so bad, as I had to work on homework for the course I was taking.  Here are some pictures I took while in Saskatchewan.  I wasn't as quick with the camera as I usually am, but hopefully you have a bit of the flavour of what my time was like there.
This chicken is contemplating whether to cross the road or not. 
A Canola field not quite at its peak, yet.
Still getting used to the wide open spaces!

On our way to Jan Lake.
 Here is a link to a map that shows where Jan Lake is.
Scenery along the way...
Yes, that's my great niece, she caught the biggest fish, her first one! 
This is a typical scene at Jan Lake.
We kept two of our walleye and took the fish guts with us the next day on the boat.  Nick and Myrna knew where an eagle nested and so when we were close and actually saw an eagle perched on the top of the tree, we dumped out the fish guts and drifted away. 

You may be able to see the eagle at the top of the tree.
 After we were far enough away from the fish skeleton, the eagle flew to go get it. 

The eagle
Unfortunately a gull came along and actually punctured the lung and it sank.  It was pretty amazing to watch though.  
Pontoon driver
Fishing partners!
 It was a great visit to Saskatchewan!  Next up is/was Dordt College!

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