Friday, February 14, 2014

Brain Bowl, Little Women and more snow...

We have officially begun our Winter Break, well actually we started a day early.  We were supposed to have school, but it started to snow early Friday morning and the prediction for the amount of snowfall was varied, but it was pretty sure that the commute would be quite an adventure, so school was cancelled.  It was a very tough decision because the High School was putting on the musical, "Little Women" and so much work has been put into that production and postponing it was a difficult decision.  The School Support Services also had an Arts and Skills day planned for Saturday, which had to be postponed.
So, the week began fine.  Tuesday we had Student Led Conferences.  Students and parents come to school and the students share the progress they have made so far through the school year.  I heard positive comments from parents who enjoyed listening their child's perspective on his or her learning. 
Wednesday was the Middle School Brain Bowl competition at AOBA school in Hikarigaoka.  At the middle school level, the students are put into mixed groups with students from other schools.  The group works together to find answers to questions, many of them are trivia type questions.  There were three rounds with varying types of questions.  The second round was the buzzer round where one group goes up against another group.  On the ride back to school, the students' comments were quite positive, saying how much they enjoyed the day and were able to make new friends. 
Chronologically ordering Disney films
Trying to use the clues...
Working together!
Gathering to hear the results!
WCA Middle School Brain Bowl team!
As I mentioned above the High School has been working on the production of the musical Little Women.  It is quite a show.  I was impressed with how well out students managed all the singing parts as well as getting into the characters. 
The opening set of Little Women
Friday the snow began to fall and fall and fall. It felt like we were going to repeat what we had last weekend!  The one change is the the snow changed to rain on Saturday morning.  It rained and rained and rained.  I decided to go out and shovel part of the road and the entrance.  Boy, it was a lot of wet snow! 
Friday night, taken out of the front door.
Same shoe as last week, maybe not quite the same amount of snow.
Someone going for a walk? 
Lots of snow, but it's starting to melt already
Satruday morning when I got up.  Taken out of the bedroom window.
My borrowed shovel
Part of the road I shoveled
Front entrance
The snow is melting fairly quickly. 
I'm glad for weekends and Winter Break.  It does give rest, although with this snow, not always physical rest, but still good physical activity. 

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