Friday, May 10, 2013

A Parade of Bands

May 10, 2013 was a long day.  I was ready to leave to go down to the Kanto Plain Middle School Principals meeting by 6:30 a.m.  I was back in time to eat lunch and teach period 6 and there was a pep rally during period 7.  I also had playground duty after school, after which I graded Math tests that the students took in the morning.  The evening had the Parade of Bands concert at CAJ.  I did have some fun by going out to dinner with a friend between grading papers and the concert.
I am always amazed at the variety of skills students that attend CAJ have.  They are not perfect, but it is great to see their dedication to academics, as well as music, art, and sports.  Here are two videos of two selections from the Parade of Bands.

CAJ High School Band performing Firedance by Bill Whelan, arr. Carl Strommen

CAJ Middle School Band performing The Hundred Pipers by Lady Nairne, arr. James D. Ployhar

The Grade Five Band played as well as the Jazz Band.  They all did a terrific job.  The bands were not perfect, but I believe God has blessed CAJ with good Music teachers that give CAJ students good musical experiences.  Next week Friday evening will be the Spring Concert.  

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