Saturday, April 13, 2013


After spring break, I focused on preparing for the move into a rental house.  The family attends Kurume Bible Fellowship.  The father was transferred by his company to Bangkok, Thailand.  The family purchased this house and were looking for renters.  I needed a place to live.  It is almost 4 km from school, so a good bicycle ride.  It's only a block from a bus stop that is on a bus route that goes to Kiyose Station.
It is a fairly new home, about 10 years old.  It is always interesting discovering the new patterns and noises when moving to a new place. The house is a Japanese style house, so there are a few things that are a little different than the American style homes.  First, I have to learn the Japanese on the panels for the heating systems.  I also did my first load of laundry and had to learn what to figure out what to press to get the washer going.  The appliances also all have Japanese written on it.  It took a little but I was able to figure most of it out.    It has taken a bit of time to figure out where to put things and where would be the most efficient place.  I think I will enjoy living here.  There is an extra bedroom, so visitors are welcome!  I do thank God for this new home.  
From the front entrance

At the back (it was raining when I took these).
A little garden
Entrance just inside the door
Living-room and dining-room
Shower/bathroom and laundry room
Looking downstairs
Bedroom where I'm sleeping at present

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