Friday, March 15, 2013

Carpe diem

So far today has been a good day.  I love days when I don't have a long list of things to accomplish.  It allows for some spontaneity and time to finish what I need to finish.  Today was also a beautiful weather day.    
This morning I was able to do my laundry, which included washing my sheets.  I had been fighting a cold/cough and well, it's always nice to be able to go to bed with nice clean sheets.  
This is the last of my laundry hanging out drying in the sun and slight breeze.  Sheets were already dry and inside.
The clothes and sheets were dry fairly quickly, probably within an hour to 90 minutes, especially if they had direct sunlight.  Some of the thicker jeans took a wee bit longer.  I was quite happy that it went quite quickly and by about lunchtime I was pretty much finished folding and putting my laundry away.  
On these days, I love to take Hana on a walk (Hana loves walks too!).  On our way down to the Yanse-gawa River, there were a number of people out and about.  This was a friendly group of older folks.  
Out for a walk on this beautiful Saturday morning.
 There were people who were busy getting their land ready for planting.  This man had just finished using the rototiller on this field.  
He was walking the field to check if the rototiller did a good enough job.  
 One of the interesting things I see on a regular basis are photographers with their large lenses taking pictures at various places along the river.  I believe they are taking pictures of nature, which could be the fish, the ducks, birds, or something else.  
These photographers had their cameras pointed at the pond beside the river.
 The river is not very deep, maybe only a couple of feet.  The Japanese seem to want to control the erosion and the river's edge has cement and reinforced banks.  There are even man-made waterfalls.  
See the "planted" cement blocks in the river and the side of the river has cemented blocks. 
There are new buds on many of the trees. 
More planted cement blocks on the river.  There were a couple of young folks walking in the river.
Blossoms are starting to bloom.

One tired Hana, taking a break.  :)
Lots of people having a picnic on the other side of the river in the park.  
The van even got a cleaning today!  
It is difficult to believe that there is only one more week and it's Spring Break!  Sometimes teachers (and I'd care to venture, students as well) just look to "get through" this week to get to the break.  I must remind myself that my calling is to educate these students so they may become equipped to impact the world for Christ.  It is an awesome task and each day presents another opportunity for teachers and students to explore this world together.  As a friend of mine says occasionally, "carpe that diem."  Hope you sense God's blessings today! 

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