Friday, October 19, 2012

You wouldn't believe...

Doesn't that post title make you wonder what in the world did Winnie do now?  Well, truth be told, I really didn't do anything I wasn't supposed to, but you wouldn't believe it, we have a farm that has milk cows only about 4 or 5 blocks away!  

Back of the barn where the cows were eating
Today Hana and I took a walk and I took some pictures of the farm.  It's right in what seems like a residential area, but there is a "field" that has been prepped for gardens, or maybe it's the farmer and he is growing food for the animals, as well as themselves.  It is a 1/2 block from the Kiyose City Hall and an elementary school.  Ever since I moved here, I would occasionally smell that sweet dairy farm smell that brings back so many memories of my childhood.  I have walked past it before, but today I finally took some pictures.  I saw the farmer and I believe his house is across the street.  

Looks like a feeder

From the front of the barn.
You wouldn't believe it, but I ended up bicycling in the rain one day this week, arriving home soaking wet.  I have not purchased rain gear yet.  I should one day, maybe today.  I do have to chuckle sometimes because on those rainy days, I see the experienced Japanese bicycle rider holding an umbrella and bicycling at the same time!  They even have devised a way in which to hold the umbrella on their bicycle should they not need it.  I have friends share that they have seen bicyclists holding an umbrella and texting on the phone at the same time!  That is quite a feat, although there is a rule that has just been put in place that you are not allowed to hold an umbrella and bicycle at the same time.  I would imagine that it is a tough rule to enforce but I can see where it is dangerous.  There are times when I am bicycling where the squeeze is pretty tight, whether that be between you and a wall or pole, or between walkers and other bicyclists.  There is a only a tiny margin of error and that could mean falling off of your bicycle or hitting something or someone.
You wouldn't believe it, but Thrift Store is HERE!
Thrift store you ask?  What's the big deal about that?  Well, leading up to yesterday, there was a fair amount of hype about Thrift Store.  I had seen a number of items being brought to school over the course of the week, waiting to be sold.  The Thrift Store is a two day event.  Friday, CAJ families are able to come and browse or buy items.  Saturday, the Thrift Store opens for everyone.  It's like a large bazaar.  The gym was full of clothes, toys, books, games, shoes, knickknacks, small appliances, etc.  It seemed to have anything you wanted.  Unfortunately (or maybe not), since I had just spent the summer downsizing, with the help of many friends, I decided I would not begin purchasing here in Japan.  The only items I bought were CAJ shirts and my lunch of curry rice and a salad.  Here are some pictures of the plaza (outside of my classroom window) and the gym.  Saturday is supposed to be the busiest time.  The way one fellow colleague described it, it was like Walmart on Black Friday in the US.  People come in with garbage bags and just head to one section filling the bags up furiously with a host of things.  I have decided to stay away from the Saturday bustle and enjoy the day.  
CAJ Plaza

CAJ Plaza

Inside the gym

Inside the gym
You wouldn't believe it, but Hana and I have been living by ourselves the last couple of days.  Brian and Bette are both on travel for the school.  Today is a great day!  The weather is beautifully sunny!  I have my laundry hanging out drying.  I'm sitting outside as I type this post.  Can it get any better?  God has given us a beautiful world and today I'm really enjoying it!  
My view while typing this post.
Hana enjoying the sunshine

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